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The Foreign Exchange Market, otherwise known as the Forex, is extremely popular.  In the last decade, with better and more prolific internet connectivity, market trading has become more accessible with the market being worth an astounding $5.3trn a day. Currencies from all across the world are traded in real-time on the Forex from the convenience of internet connected trading platforms. The global market aspect of this type of trading also means the Forex can be traded 24 hours a day as compared with local stock markets which only trade during certain hours of the day within each individual country.

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Forex Trading Introduction

The Forex Market, similar to options trading, is marginable. Margined trading is extremely popular because it allows traders to bet using borrowed money. The popularity of Forex margined trading is potentiated even further by the low initial investment requirements for the market. Many options trading platforms require a minimum of $2,000 to start, while currency exchange generally gets started with a tenth or a quarter of that amount.

The five major foreign exchange markets around the world are: New York, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Tokyo, and Zurich. These markets are connected seamlessly through the internet and, as the timezones shift, control of the market passes to each of the exchanges smoothly.

With the introduction of smart phones and live streaming market updates, Forex trading has again seen a rise in popularity due to the ability to constantly watch the movement of the market. Many traders prefer to closely watch such volatile markets as they often lead to some very speculative trades. Global news providers also send world news and headlines to our handheld devices, for immediate reaction to changes in the worldwide economy, allowing for a less speculative approach to the volatile market.

Traders who are experienced with the patterns and platforms of the Forex can make this market a very lucrative one, but experience is slowly being replaced by the augmentation of computer assisted analysis. The improved speed and sophistication of Forex trade analysis systems has greatly improved the process many traders use in researching their investments within this market, catching many mistakes the new traders might make.

Possibly one of the most widely remarked upon reasons for Forex popularity is the absolute liquidity of the market. Realistically the Forex market is completely liquid because the assets are always reflected as a spendable currency. This type of market is highly attractive to day traders who are a type of investor that only have money in the market while they are actively watching it. Although the term day-trader typically refers to traders that get into the market at open and out just before close, in a 24 hour market system the term is a bit more ambiguous.

Along with individual traders, the Forex is a popular market platform for global companies to hedge their risk between countries as they generally must use currencies from multiple exchanges when they pay for and transfer manufactured products around the world. Global news and trade also affect the values of the Forex and some of the larger companies with global roots will often ha

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