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Search our FAQ to see a variety of common and/or previously asked questions. The goal of this section is to answer the questions you might have about financial spread betting, cfds, forex trading or futures in a no-nonsense way to help you make an informed decision as to whether these trading vehicles are the right instrument for you.

How can I learn how to trade or invest successfully?

Would it be easier for me to stick with what I know and trade shares?

What is spread betting?

What are the advantages of spread trading?

What is a CFD?

What is leverage?

What is the Margin Factor?

What is the spread?

What is the Bid and Ask?

What does it mean to go long or short?

Is paper trading or demo trading accurate?

What is day trading?

Should one use fundamentals or technicals to trade?

Do charts and technical analysis really work?

What is the best technical indicator?

What is the most precise way to draw support and resistance lines for forex trading?

What do you think of Autochartist and how it identifies real time, profitable trading opportunities in the Forex and stock markets?

Is technical analysis actually looked down on by Wall Street or traders, and if so why?

Why is it important to have a trading plan?

What type of investor/trader are you?

How do currency pairs work in the forex market?

How do you go about choosing which shares to trade?

What makes a good company to invest in?

What about following tipsters or taking ideas from forum buddies?

Does technical analysis really work?

What do you think about the Efficient Market Hypothesis?

Where can I find a free and simple stock screener for backtesting?

Is there a way I can be reasonably assured of preventing losses from increasing?

What are stop loss orders?

What is the difference between a Market Order and a Limit Order?

What is a trailing stop?

What is the hedging option used for?

Should one use stop losses?

What is a margin call?

What is slippage?

Can I guarantee my stop loss level?

Losses: How Do You Handle Them?

I usually refuse to cut losing trades. How can I modify that?

My order did not fill. Why is this?

The chart clearly traded through my limit, but the trade did not execute, why does this happen?

My shares in Company X are down 5% today down 5% Friday, is this a dip and an opportunity to add, or should I dump it?

How much money can I make spread betting?

Can I make a career of spread betting?

My current situation is that i’m working a low paying job and can save very little…

What is Short Selling?

What are the risks with short selling?

But isn’t it unethical and morally disturbing to short companies and profit from their share price moving down in value?

How do futures contracts work?

How does spread betting on shares work?

What is the difference between regular forex trading and spreadbetting on the market?

What is the difference between spread betting and CFDs?

What are the costs of trading spread bets / CFDs?

How are dividends treated if you hold shares through a spread bet or CFD?

Why is it so difficult to trade the forex markets successfully?

What are some of the first things you need to learn to be successful in forex trading?

Is spread betting bad?

Why do most brokers frown over scalping strategies?

What is direct market access?

What research material and advice can I get from my broker?

I never traded futures or options and want to start trading online from the start?

Are binary options a scam?

What is the difference between binary options and regular options?

If I am a long-term investor, how can I maintain a position for more than the life of the futures contract?

What is a stock split?

What is a dividend adjustment?

What does it take to be a trader?

How do I begin trading from home?

Why do so many traders lose money?

How come the losing percentage of traders is really high?

With the wealth of information on trading including indicators and technical analysis tools why do people still fail to trade successfully?

If 80% to 90% of people lose money day trading, how is it a profession?

Can a person become a good trader in half a year?

How can currency traders at banks make so much money when retail forex traders lose so much money?

What knowledge would make you more comfortable investing in the stock market?

If I’m extremely good at predicting socio-economic events, would I make a good trader?

Why is the press so negative on the markets?

Are consistently profitable stock traders talented or just lucky?

Why are so many mining and resource shares down?

Once you find a stock you want to buy it can help to actually watch it for a while. But doesn’t this conflict with technical analysis generally?

Is it overvalued? Will long-term returns be poor from here?

Why would I buy non-dividend stocks if they do not provide any cashflow?

I suffered a loss on a CFD in the tax year. Can I claim this back or offset the tax?

How can I be sure that my funds are safe?

Do you offer personal training?

What trading books have you read that seriously improved your stock trading?

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