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Service plus accessibility equals growth

One of the largest forex brokers in Europe, Dublin based AVA FX was founded in 2006 and has already grown to service 150,000 trading accounts around the globe. When you look at its offering, it’s not hard to see why. AVAFX take accessibility and ease of use to another level.


Sinve rebranding to AVA Trader, the company is giving all new account holders a bonus worth up to $1000 plus and ipod mini.  The value of the bonus will depend upon the amount you initially deposit but for more information on this, please click here.

A platform to suit you

AVAFX gives its account holders access to several different platforms, including its downloadable AVATrader, which is a real powerful tool for those traders who spend most of their time at a desk. For those on the move, it also offers a java based platform that’s accessible anywhere there’s an internet connection.

The platform itself gives access to a professional trading environment that enables two click dealing, with one click position closing. Positions and profit and loss are tracked real time on screen, and it also has a great charting tool.

Its instrument analysis is second to none. Its charts can be displayed in bar, candlestick, and line format, with all the indicators a trader could need. You can also draw in your own trend lines, and there’s a news squawk box to keep you informed of market news throughout the trading day.

Instruments and prices can be displayed in a tabular format, or in a box price format, which personally I prefer.

There’s also a whole bunch of other tools available on the platform, including an economic calendar, but perhaps one of the best features is that the screen can be fully customized. It’s a windows based trading platform, so you can move windows around, resize them, or hide them from view. That means you’re not stuck with s screen that has been developed by an IT boffin: you get to have the set up you want, and I find that makes it easier to trade. When it’s easier to trade, it’s easier to trade profitably. 

Extra Resources for all

AVAFX isn’t just built for the seasoned professional trader. Its educational resource center is one of the most comprehensive I’ve come across, and walks the newbie through then minefield of forex trading in easy to follow steps. Not only is all this education available to read, but there are also webinars and video tutorials to help hone all traders skills. This company wants its account holders to make money, and it wants them to make money using its trading platform.

Traders opening an account for the first time are usually given a little bonus, too. Accounts are easy to open, with a cash bonus payable to the trader after 12 months of trading (subject to volumes). As I write this review, this bonus starts out at $50 for a $100 dollar initial deposit and rides all the way to $5,000 for an initial deposit of $100,000 or more. That’s not to be sniffed at. And nor is the give-away 125 page FX trading strategy book (delivered on pdf), which is a must for anyone wanting to trade forex on a chart trading model.

There are different levels of service, which increase according to deposit placed. At the minimum (silver) you get access to the trading platform, all the educational resource, and most others. But if you opt for VIP status and deposit $100,000 you’ll get a whole raft of extra benefits, including direct ‘access’ to the AVAFX dealing room and your own dealer to mull the markets with.

You can also use a number of automated trading strategies, including Zulutrade and Algorithmic trading. However, it has to be stressed that these automated strategies are aimed at the experienced trader.

In conclusion

AVAFX is a great online broker, with a trading platform that is a pleasure to trade through. Accounts are opened free of charge, and each new account holder benefits from a bonus. The resource center is packed with free information, educational tools, and, if you like being walked through new systems and markets visually, then its video tutorials will really appeal. It even has a virtual tour of its website and trading platform.

Fixed spreads, great charting and trading tools, and up to 200:1 leverage all add up to a super offering from this broker. And with a market capitalization of $17 billion, you know that you won’t be dealing with a fly-by-night operation.

And that’s not all. AVAFX has been so successful in the forex market, that it has broadened its instrument offering to include a range of indices, commodities, and single stocks via CFDs.

If you’re still not sure, then why not try AVAFX’s demo trading account, which will allow you to simulate a trading account of $100,000 and see the power of AVATrader.

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