How To Get Rich| The TurnKey Money Making Myth Busted

Posted By Robert On Sunday, August 24th, 2014 With 0 Comments

Everyone, lets not lie, EVERYONE has at one point in their lives, thought they could do with some extra money.

In this feature, it will expose common money making myths, searching out ways of getting rich and you will eventually come across Turnkeys.

Turnkey sites, promise easy money and the ability to turn over quick profits, I’ve even seen them advertised that google will SEND you traffic. If these people could make say 700 different sites for every category, and all produce money, why would they share these sites with you?

Turnkey Scam

Now let me expose the TurnKey Money Making Myth.

This is how it goes, you pay a fee, and they in return give you a perfectly designed website, with all the e-commerce set up in a dropship fashion (We will be looking at drop shipping later!) they also will sell the story that the site automatically updates it’s datafeeds, producing you news and videos, you simply sit there and make money!

Firstly, although the site is perfectly designed… it also is exactly the same as thousands of other sites out there, Google values UNIQUE content, there are programs in place called Penguin and Panda, these are aimed at devaluing content which appears everywhere. Google doesn’t want content that took 5 minutes to create from other sources in its feed.

Thus meaning your on your own with getting people to your site, but then is it worth spending thousands on trying to make it lucky!

Essentially by going into a turnkey provider, and using all their content, you will fail.. and if you do make it work, you would have done enough work to have done the site from scratch, only without the $100-200 price tag laying on it.

Affiliate marketing does work, but it only works if you are prepared to do the work, there is no silver bullet in making money, unless your really lucky, and sites promising you to get rich quick with little effort are leading them off.

This would bring us to drop shipping, which essentially is a viable option (A report will be written about drop shipping in the future) but with a site with content the same as thousands of other sites, the competition is rife.

In conclusion if you want to waste your money on turnkey websites, you are more than welcome, however if you wish to earn money, invest it more intelligently, this could be with making a business through your own hard work, or by investing in stocks and shares.

If you are going to go for a drop ship website, or affiliate site, then build it from scratch, with your own unique content, however, Turnkey websites really are praying on  the desperate, and have been likened to ‘Lose weight fast’ Products.

But long story short, your money may as well go on the lottery than paying for a turnkey website, and hopefully this has busted the TurnKey Money Making Myth.

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