Herbalife The Great Pyramid Scheme

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Do these sound familiar?

  • Get Rich Quick?
  • Be your Own Boss?
  • Profits are endless!

You can easily put these words next to anything, well anything that’s an advertisement, and this article is not focused on Herbalife as a product (which, by a little bit of research has noticed it may not quite be the safest of products), but more it’s distribution network.

Herbalife Flier

You may have seen people on Facebook, on Gumtree or twitter advertising Herbalife products, free trials, all of the usual, now the reason why Herbalife succeeds is the reason most companies succeed with a demand, even with a poor product.

Herbalife is both a get rich easy scam, and also a lose weight fast scam, which is essentially two of the most profitable areas on the internet, combining both makes this attractive for both sets of desperate people to come to Herbalife, also the attraction of both sets of people also makes it quite well known.

Herbalife Pyramid

Now, lets look at the ‘Get Rich, Be your own boss’ aspect.

Many people who are fitness oriented see this as an easy sale, of course.. isn’t everyone into getting fit? Now if it was your own product, with clever branding this would be good, however Herbalife has so much competition that it comes down to who has the cheapest products, chances are if your new to Herbalife you are at the bottom rung of the pyramid.

This means you are funding someone else by reselling their product, with their cut of the profit as well. Now, they are also getting their product from someone else, after they have got their cut.. Which means everyone higher in the pyramid than you can cut the price more than you can, unless you want to operate at a loss.

Generally, you need to have either the cheapest product, or the best advertising strategy to be successful at selling the Herbalife product, which more than likely will be outside your reach, now…


This is how Herbalife operates, you get brought in as a distributor, till you realise that your only reach is people in your local gym, area, work place or Facebook friends, even if you sold to the majority of them, it won’t be lucrative money, you will still be earning your salary at your day job.

Sell online maybe? Your site would be just as good as a turnkey site, buried in the deep dark reaches of the internet.

Then, realising this you then either give up, or try to be a distributor.. If you are lucky enough for someone to get roped into it, and become a distributor for you.. You are just adding to the steps of the great pyramid.

The only one that’s making the money is Herbalife, sitting at the top.. and the only thing they do is produce the products, create some cheap advertising banners and sell the dream, and let everyone do the hard work for them.

Now, I’m sure there are some success stories, however there are more crushed dreams from pawns in Herbalife The Great Pyramid Scheme.

Now, there will be people that have lost weight on Herbalife, there are more that have lost weight without it.

However, this is merely a big rip off, you pay over the odds (remember…steps in the Herbalife The Great Pyramid Scheme) at the bottom.. so firstly, if it works for you great.. You however should have perhaps paid for a gym membership and visited Holland and Barrett and got some healthy food.

Chances are, if it has worked then you have been going to the gym, or starving yourself also, and therefore the miracle product has actually just added a overpriced diet produce you consume. All of which can be done without Herbalife, or many of the great diet miracles out there.

This concludes Herbalife The Great Pyramid Scheme however, and will be covering some of the scams involving ‘Lose weight fast’ Schemes in the future.

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