Trump Won!

The result of the US presidential election has taken analysts by surprise and shaken up the financial markets. Read below to see what Steve Ruffley has to say about today’s market activity, presenting More...

by Robert | Published 4 weeks ago

Using Bollinger Bands with CFD Trading


Ever since John Bollinger developed the Bollinger Bands technical indicator in the 1980s, countless traders around the globe have been using it to guide their trading activities. More...

CFD trading and fundamental analysis


Short term CFD traders are not the most likely candidates to make use of fundamental analysis. One would normally find them glued to their laptops, analysing the latest share, More...

Using the RSI for better CFD Trading


As with the MACD, there are countless CFD traders out there who rely on a momentum indicator such as the RSI to guide their trading decisions. The main aim of the RSI (Relative More...

Greece Tragedy

More Greek trouble ahead?

Well, things are getting to the critical stage now as regards the ongoing Greek tragedy. It’s clear that the country’s prime minister Tsipras has removed his finance More...

Eurozone Implosion ahead?

So, Spanish banks can’t be in quite as bad a shape as the media would like us to believe – Sabadell Bank has just spent about $2bn buying the UK’s TSB Bank. More...

Introduction to Options


As always, we shall start with a definition.  Options are a form of derivative. Options take the form of a contract where More...

Managing an open options position


Introduction Some traders prefer to set up an options position and then forget about it until the expiration date. More...

silver-chart Silver Poised to Test Higher Levels

Silver ETF prices edged higher on Wednesday continuing the trend which began on Monday.  News from...

gold Technically speaking, precisely how is gold doing?

Caution is the order of the day when all investors are looking to capitalise, and one...

egyptprotests WTI crude rallies to $100 a barrel

Just as we saw during the Arab Spring of 2011, oil prices are currently rising on...

The Stock Market

The Stock Market

The stock market may seem a mystery to you. All this talk of Bulls and Bears, shorts and longs, not to mention More...

Trading and Investing

Share Prices If you have ever looked at the price charts of shares, then you will have noticed that they are..

Market Sectors and Indices

Market Sectors For ease of reference, stock markets will group together particular types of shares. One way they do this is..

Double Bottom and Double Top

Double Top

Double bottom and double top are a chart reversal pattern. In other words, the pattern displayed will signal More...

Ascending and Descending Triangle Patterns

Triangles are often used in technical analysis to identify a breakout. A triangle can be ascending, descending and symmetric. However, for..

The Trend Is Your Friend (Trend lines, Support and Resistances)

A market is a series of waves. A wave is constructed of peaks and troughs and these are what define the..

What is spread betting?

sell buy Spread betting is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, as it gives people the chance to bet on a number of..
fundamental 1

Fundamental Analysis & Market Sentiment Introduction

Fundamental Analysis, with respect to the FX market is the analysis of macroeconomic data and political events. This may be used..

Three Volume-Based Technical Indicators to use with CFD trading

While most technical indicators study changes in price behaviour in an attempt to predict future price movements of CFDs, there is..

Single Stocks

You can have access to thousands of shares both on the UK and International exchanges with ODL Markets. Also the advantages..

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