Published On: Sun, Jan 20th, 2013

40 Largest One Day Gains for the Dow Jones Since its Beginning

The “stock market” is a global shares entity that both appeals and apprehends the average Joe. While the prospect of high-monetary influx serves as an initial propellant, minimal stock knowledge, along with the wrong investments, can result in major financial setbacks. While there are always risks associated with stock investments, extensive research on a particular share of interest can maximize the financial outcome.

First and foremost: comprehensive knowledge of various stocks is essential. Like any investment, stock market participation is equipped with pros-and-cons. Similar to the research required for prospective universities, a familiarity in shares is essential in determining the best investment choice for one’s future. Consider browsing through financial trading magazines, business newspapers and tuning into stock market updates on reputable news channels to obtain comprehensive, accurate stock chart reports.

One of the most proactive, pre-investment initiatives is to review previous stock performances. Knowing the historical consistencies of specific shares helps make clear of the do’s-and-don’ts of particular ventures. While there is no guarantee in any investment endeavour, grasping the fundamental elements that contribute to the successes of a particular stock is sure to come in handy.

A prime example of successful investments can be found in the numerous Dow Jones gains, accrued over the past century. The Dow Jones is one of the oldest stock market indexes, and has seen its fair share (no pun intended!) of milestones that mark significant, single-day gains in favour of investors.

The following infographic portrays the 40 biggest, single-day gains ever seen by the Dow Jones Industrial Average; starting with points gained, and followed by percent gained. The infographic also outlines the companies which make up the Dow Jones industrial average and the date they were added. If this infographic piques your stock market muse, visit to gain online guidance and tips for savvy, investment opportunities and feel free to share the infographic around.

40 Largest One Day Gains for the Dow Jones Since its Beginning

40 Largest One Day Gains for the Dow Jones Since its Beginning

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