Published On: Thu, May 30th, 2013

French jobless figures hit new record highs

French president Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel met today to discuss the current economic situation in France and the wider Eurozone. While the chancellor was there French jobless data was released showing an increase of claimants to the tune of 39,800 during the month of April.

This was the 53rd month out of the last 61 that unemployment has risen in France, which now has more than 3.2m out of work. When Merkel and Hollande addressed the press at the end of their meeting, Merkel was quick to point out that she would like to see the “Growth and Employment pact” that the two nations (and others) agreed to last year put into action in the very near future — in addition to other “economic coordination” policies to improve the prosperity of the region.

France are not alone in their current situation of ever increasing unemployment. Greece has found themselves with damning data being created and published on their own doorstep. Athens University recently completed a survey in which less than 30% of respondents are in permanent full time work. While this isn’t an accurate figure and the report itself is far from government grade quality, it will have a negative effect on the mood of the nation due to the national press it is currently getting.

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