Published On: Mon, Feb 11th, 2013

Non-Equity Options

Non-Equity Options are the tradable options contracts that have their value based on an underlying asset that is not equity or the price of a share of stock on a company.

Non-Equity Options include the group of options that have their value base upon a commodity’s price, such as the USA based CME’s Gold Options.  These Gold Options offer the trader to trade with the same strategies as an equity option, but in this case the value of the Gold Option will be based upon the value of the corresponding CME Gold Futures contract.  Other Non-Equity options can have their value based upon an underlying currency, future interest rate, etc.

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- Marcus Holland has been trading the financial markets since 2007 with a particular focus on soft commodities. He graduated in 2004 from the University of Plymouth with a BA (Hons) in Business and Finance.