Published On: Thu, Jul 4th, 2013

Rolls-Royce hit by quality concerns


British car maker Rolls-Royce have been hit with the worst type of negative PR possible for a luxury product producer after a damning account of their production methods was given in a US lawsuit. The lawsuit revolves around two former employees who are seeking the right to go public with their information, which they claim consumers need to know.

The two former employees are said that Rolls-Royce would regularly “cut corners on quality control requirements” during the building of their high-end vehicles, using substandard parts and failing to inform their customers that they were doing so.

The former employees, named as Thomas McArtor and Keith Ramsey, have also claimed that the company knowingly sold customers defective engine units, again without making the buyers aware of the circumstances. Logs of these defective parts are allegedly kept in a “secret set of books”, which also detail a series of other indiscretions that a company that is known for its quality would not want in the public domain.

Rolls-Royce engine, similar to those mentioned during the lawsuit.

Rolls-Royce engine, similar to those mentioned during the lawsuit.

Naturally this will have a severe effect on the business if found to be true, however Rolls-Royce are denying all the claims that the made by Mr McArtor and Mr Ramsay. In a statement which they released earlier today Rolls-Royce said “Judge Lawrence did not find that Rolls-Royce engaged in any wrongdoing, failed to follow its quality system, concealed anything from the US government or even that a jury is entitled to hear the allegations”.

The statement went on to say “Rolls-Royce categorically rejects the other claims and will defend itself vigorously… Any and all facts of the case will be presented in court, where we are confident it will be found the lawsuit is without merit”. The fresh claims come just a month after safety regulators in Australia announced that a Rolls-Royce engine had exploded during a flight over Indonesia in 2010.

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