Published On: Tue, Nov 13th, 2012

Spread Betting Platforms

There are currently around 25 main spread betting brokers on the market, each with their own particular advantages.  Each of these provides access to a spread betting platform that can be used online and in many cases, on the move.  This guide discusses some of the best out there.


IG is the oldest spread betting company and the originator of the derivative back in 1974.  It provides what is widely considered to be the best platform on the market that boasts both an online version and mobile trading app available on iPhone and Android phones. According to its website, 99.49% of trades on IGs spread betting platform are executed within a tenth of a second – an incredibly fast execution speed.  It also offers in excess of 10,000 tradable markets which is far more than any other broker.  If spreads are of particular concern to you then IG is also very competitive with its pricing.  On several of the most popular markets it offers 1p point spreads and gold is traded at a spread of just half a point.


Owned by BWIN.Party and LCG (operators of leading derivatives broker, Capital Spreads), Intertrader is one of our favourite spread betting platforms.  As with IG’s offering, the software and servers are incredibly quick, the interface is under friendly and spreads are tight on many markets.  The thing we really like about Intertrader is that it provides its clients with 10% cash back each month by means of a rebate on their spread charges.  This is something no other broker does and is incredibly attractive considering their overall package is of such high quality.

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