My order did not fill. Why is this?

Posted By Robert On Thursday, February 12th, 2015 With 0 Comments

Level not reached: If the market price did not reach your order level you will not be filled. If you think your order should have filled, please contact the trading desk and the broker can investigate for you.
Insufficient funds: If there are insufficient funds in your account to open a position, your order will be automatically deleted as soon as it has triggered.

My order was filled at a different price to the price I requested on my order ticket? Why is this?

Slippage: If the underlying market price does not trade at the exact price you specified on your trading ticket, your order will be filled at the next available price. This most commonly happens during periods of high volatility and when the markets are closed. In the case where the market traded through your level overnight, your order will be filled when the market opens the next day at the best price available to us. You can avoid slippage by choosing ‘Guaranteed Stop’ orders when you place your trade.

Order Basis: If you have chosen the ‘Market’ price beside the ‘Basis’ option on the trading ticket when placing your order, your order will not be filled on the exact underlying market price. Instead your order will be filled according to the provider’s ‘Quote’ in which case you need to take into account the spread on the market that you’re trading.

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