Are You A Good Trader?

Posted By Robert On Thursday, April 23rd, 2015 With 0 Comments

A good trader understands that trading isn’t easy, but is still willing to put in the hard work and effort to get to where they want to be.

A good trader has confidence and won’t ever believe someone when they say, ‘You can’t do this’.

A good trader is willing to invest capital into the learning process.

A good trader always remembers that even when the most amazing setup presents itself, anything can happen.

A good trader is always prepared for that anything.

A good trader knows how to execute their method without hesitation when the opportunity arises (even if 500 people on Twitter are saying the complete opposite).

A good trader is always aware of the trend and takes a lot of caution if they decide to go against it.

A good trader can let their trade run and doesn’t bank profit prematurely.

A good trader determines their risk amount before entering a trade and sticks to it once the position is open.

A good trader doesn’t use hindsight charts to try and prove their trading ability. A good trader can make calls beforehand or posts broker statements afterwards.

A good trader realises that sometimes losing trades happen and doesn’t beat them self up over every single losing trade.

A good trader learns from their mistakes and comes up with a plan to not make those mistakes in the future.

A good trader is so passionate about trading they can pick themselves up after working on a method component for months that ended up not working.

A good trader develops a method to work with their own lifestyle and their own personality.

A good trader can recognise another good trader in a heartbeat.

A good trader doesn’t waste time on trivial Twitter/forum bickering and instead puts that energy towards doing something constructive to improve their trading.

A good trader can let go and move on when they realise something doesn’t work.

A good trader understands that everyone has different opinions/trading styles.

A good trader gives back, whether that is through helping out other traders or donating to charity.

A good trader understands that having a good method is only one part of it, and emotions such as fear, patience, discipline and greed play a huge role in this as well.

A good trader can control those emotions.


So… Are you a good trader?

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