Trading Psychology

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A solid trading plan is critical for your trading success. You will want to consider the following points when creating a basic trading plan:

  • Your goals and preferences
  • The markets you want to trade
  • The timeframe you want to trade
  • The trading approach you want to use
  • Your entry signals and exit signals
  • The money management rules you will want to apply

But equally if importance is Trading Psychology which is focused on the study of human behaviour. It is been said by many academics that the reason that most traders lose is because they are not psychologically prepared to trade.

In any field whether it is business, sports or trading, one should always incorporate the utmost aspects of discipline and patience. Without an understanding of trading psychology your chances of success can be dramatically limited. If you are to succeed in this field then you will want to at least understand the basics of trading psychology.

Although this is a large and complex area to cover, there are many books on this subject arena. A good place to start with is by visiting your library or local bookshop in browsing through the sports psychology section.

The next step

If you are a newcomer then the best way to understand spread betting is to try it out. Start by looking at some of the indices such as the FTSE 100 or stocks that you may be familiar with.

It is important to remember that trading with small trades sizes in order to understand the process is advisable rather than just jumping in an over leveraging your account.


Spread betting is an exciting and popular business to be involved in.

Now that you have covered the essentials and are probably eager to get started, do remember that successful trading is a journey and not a race. Ensure that you have a full understanding of the basics of opening and closing a position as well as knowing how to manage your open positions.

Finally we wish you the very best in success and profitability with trading the financial markets and remember to start slowly!

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