Published On: Wed, Jan 9th, 2013’s 10 Most Influential People in Finance

1. Mario Draghi

Mario Draghi

It was always really down to either Merkel or Draghi for the #1 spot but since this man is currently shouldering the responsibility of solving the crisis in the Eurozone, which could either drag the global economy out of trouble or compound it to a complete meltdown, it seems only right that he takes the top spot.

Draghi was made the President of the European Central Bank in November 2011 and swiftly moved into action, offering a three-year loan package to failing European Banks worth a staggering €489 billion. This was not to be the last controversial programme that the Italian would put in place as he became well known for his tendency to print money whenever he felt it was needed. While this kind of policy most certainly has its drawbacks, his supporters will argue that it’s required to stimulate the European economy into life. Whatever your view on his policies, we’re sure you’ll agree that Mario Draghi’s success or failure will have a lasting effect on the global economy.

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