Published On: Wed, Jan 9th, 2013’s 10 Most Influential People in Finance

5. Stefan Ingves


Stefan Ingves the current governor of the central bank of Sweden, Sveriges Riksbank. He took up the position in 2006, taking over from Lars Heikensten. With Sweden’s financial muscles recently being flexed as they became a common safe haven for investors who were looking to store their funds in a low risk asset (the Swedish Krona), a lot of plaudits were aimed in Ingves direction. He managed the country’s financial situation impeccably, cutting interest rates to its lowest point in the country’s history — a move he was originally criticized for shortly after the Icelandic financial meltdown in 2008.

With Sweden now boasting one of the most stable economies in Europe and indeed the world, Ingves is given an awful lot of respect when meeting with peers from other nations and his words are always taken on board. SInce 2011 he has also been the Chairman of the Basel Committee for Banking Supervision.

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