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Fundamental AnalysisOne fateful day, I gave up fundamental analysis (AKA: Fraudulent Analysis, Newspaper Paralysis, Outsider Trading, etc) and turned to technical analysis.  I learned the charts, became profitable, and never looked back.  Still, technical analysis covers many different subjects and can mean many different things.  So I have decided to include only the profitable strategies that I continue to use today.  This is undoubtedly where you should spend most of your time studying!

We will go through the actual indicators, patterns, and rationale behind how to identify a stock, when to buy it, and when to sell it.

Silver Bullet

Despite the giant picture, there is no silver bullet when it comes to technical analysis (or any trading system for that matter).  Rather, there are about 8 bronze bullets, 5 or 6 silver bullets, and maybe 3 golden bullets.  When you analyze a stock chart, you are sizing it up and looking for certain clues the stock is giving us.  This is what I call ammunition.  Throughout this course you will learn how to look at a chart and collect as much ‘ammunition’ as possible.  Some pieces of ammo are more important than others and will have a bigger impact on our decision.  If we collect the right type of ammo, we build confidence in that stock and we pull the trigger.  The less ammo we find, the less confident we are.

This ‘ammo’ system is pretty straight forward but still incredibly powerful because it creates a clear guideline and a repeatable system to follow.

Before we dive in, we need to establish some common ground.  Lets quickly define the different indicators, discuss the phenomena of technical analysis, and understand the type of charts we will use.

Defining The Basics:  How to Read Stocks

Once we are on the same page, it will be time to jump into the first major part of this technical analysis course- Japanese Candlesticks.  Go through the Japanese Candlestick class and learn the key candlesticks that swing traders and day traders look for.  Additionally, we will cover the critical candlestick patterns that tell us a swing is about to occur.

Bronze Bullets #1:  Japanese Candlesticks

Bronze Bullets #2:  Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques and Candle Patterns

Japanese Candlesticks can tell us volumes about a particular stock, but without our trusty technical indicators, we only know half the story.  The next step is to learn the major technical indicators.  If you want to fully understand how they are derived, then you are in the wrong place.  I will show you what they mean, and how to make money with them.

Silver Bullets:  Technical Analysis Indicators

There are only two things in this world that get me really excited-  new car smell and a beautiful chart pattern.  One can lead to the other.  If you have mastered japanese candlesticks and the major TA indicators, then it is time to reveal the magical chart patterns.

After reading through this comprehensive technical analysis course, you will have all of the skills needed to make profitable trades.

Even so, putting it all together may take a long time.  Why?  Simply because the topics are all very foreign and overwhelming!  I understand this and have always found it easiest to learn a skill by actually watching someone perform the skill.

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